011/366: Expensive Selfie

Another crazy-busy day, with a really exhausting pick-up basketball game at lunchtime, but I did have a little time to try out two features of the new camera: the "Live" shooting mode, and the display screen on the back that flips out. These combine to allow you to take a really expensive selfie, if you want to do that sort of thing:

Yeah, it's still me. Yeah, it's still me.

Of course, this is kind of a silly use of an expensive DSLR camera. Also suboptimal, because the camera's pretty heavy, and it's hard to hold it steady in the necessary position. But it can<.em> be done...

And that's all I've got today. Tomorrow I make my coaching debut with SteelyKid's second-grade soccer team. Morituri te salutamus, and all that.

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Good luck on soccer. I'm at 2nd grade level now also with Keiran, and I've been doing this for a bunch of years so yell if you want any commentary :)