032/366: Symmetry

Took the camera along this afternoon when I took Emmy for a walk (Kate and I are going to see The Martian tonight, so Emmy got an early dinner and stroll), and took pictures of a bunch of random stuff in a little park near our house. Including these two pictures pasted together into one:

Two tree trunks in a park near Chateau Steelypips. Two tree trunks in a park near Chateau Steelypips.

These two trees aren't right next to each other, but I didn't do much more than turn 90 degrees to get from one to the other. If I were attempting to pass myself off as an artiste, I would explain that this juxtaposition here is a political allegory: the tree on the right is encrusted with nasty old fungus, the tree on the left is ringed with a climbing green vine, but they're both being killed by the stuff attached to them.

Send me my giant paycheck, Art World...

Really, though, I just liked the color and texture contrasts of these, which is why I took the two individual shots. And when I had them up side-by-side to try to choose one for the photo of the day, they looked good together, so I said "What the hell, I'll combine them in GIMP."


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