038/366: Cloudy Conjunction

In yesterday's crude astrophotography post, I mentioned that the conjunction of Venus and the Moon would be closer this morning, but I took a shot of it yesterday because there's no telling with the weather here this time of year. When I first went outside this morning, though, the sky was beautiful and clear and I said "Wow, that'll be a great shot after all."

Then I went inside to eat breakfast, and when I came back out, clouds had rolled in.

There were occasional breaks, though, and I did manage to get a fortuitous alignment of two of those with the bodies in question. which let me make the following composite from consecutive days:

Shots of the Moon and Venus from yesterday (left) and today (right). Shots of the Moon and Venus from yesterday (left) and today (right).

These are cropped so the vertical scale is the same for both, and Venus is on the 1/3rd line up from the bottom. Today's shot wasn't quite framed the same as yesterday's, though, thus the white space on the right, which would've been filled if I could get a full 4x6 crop at that scale.

Here's a closer crop of today's shot with the usual 4x6 aspect ratio:

Venus and the crescent Moon through clouds. Venus and the crescent Moon through clouds.

That composite of the two gives a nice sense of how things move in the sky, and I have other stuff I need to work on today, so we'll call it the photo of the day, and move along.

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