068/366: Happy Pip Day

Four years ago today, The Pip was born. That's hard to believe, in both directions at different times. There are days when it seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny helpless thing, and other days when he seems to have been a hyper Little Dude for aeons.

I took a bunch of pictures of him today, but it's sort of hard to choose one for the photo of the day. I went with this one as the "featured image" above:

The Pip with his big new book of superhero stories. The Pip with his big new book of superhero stories.

because it's a good clear picture of him, and a fairly characteristic facial expression. Also, he's holding a big collection of superhero stories, showcasing his current obsession.

But, on the other hand, this one is in some ways even more characteristic:

The Pip playing superhero tag at SoccerTots. The Pip playing superhero tag at SoccerTots.

as it shows him pretending to be a superhero at SoccerTots this morning, running and giggling. This is probably a more common state for him-- he's in nearly constant motion.

Anyway, happy birthday to my favorite Little Dude. It's been four fun years, with lots more fun to come, I'm sure.

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