071/366: Levee of Leaves

Spent all day yesterday with SteelyKid, who, while she was officially medically diagnosed as suffering from strep throat, was not in any conventional sense "sick." We built Lego sets, watched tv, went shopping, played with an RC helicopter, tried and failed to make a physics video, and generally wore me out. so you get another delayed photo of the day.

This one is a seasonal thing in our tree-filled neighborhood: the town has a big vacuum truck that comes around to pick up leaves, so people will rake their yards to make great big piles lining the roads:

Leaf piles lining the road near Chateau Steelypips. Leaf piles lining the road near Chateau Steelypips.

These always make me think of stunningly ineffective defensive works, easily-scattered levees thrown up against the coming winter. Thus, this picture.

This probably would look cooler if it had been a nicer day-- blue skies rather than dismal grey clouds-- but the leaf pickup will be soon, so I can't wait on better weather. Might also benefit from some color tweaking to bring out the stop sign a bit more, but I've lost two full days to SteelyKid's sore throat, so I can't spare the time.


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