074/366: Gotham City

This is a pure document-my-day shot, not one of my random attempts at artsy effects. One of The Pip's birthday presents was a big vinyl wall decal from Chic Walls, a gift from Aunt Erin in California. These are a little complicated to install, and SteelyKid being sick messed up the whole week, but I finally got around to putting it up Friday:

The Pip's new Gotham City wall decal. The Pip's new Gotham City wall decal.

So, our superhero-crazy Little Dude now has Gotham City on his wall. He's all fired up about this.

And that's it from Friday; I'm still fighting a cold of my own, so between this and some video shooting for a forthcoming Football Physics post, I was pretty well wiped. I'm slowly getting better, but it's been a rotten week.

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