133/366: No Writing On Paper Today!

This one's a bit of a cheat, but the only pictures I got Tuesday that turned out well had other people's kids in them, and I won't post those. So here, instead, is a picture from over the weekend, mostly because I want to tell the cute-kid story that goes with it.

On Sundays, I take the kids to the Schenectady Greenmarket, then to lunch at Panera, then to the grocery store, which gets our various errands taken care of and gives Kate a little quiet time. Depending on how they behave, I sometimes require a bit of quiet time of my own after this, and this past Sunday was One of Those Days. So, I went off and did my own thing for a bit, and came back to this:

The kids manning their sign-in desk. The kids manning their sign-in desk.

For some reason, they had decided that they needed a "desk" in the middle of the living room, and then created sign-in sheets. So, when I came through, SteelyKid insisted I had to write down my first name, my last name, and the time. The Pip was equally insistent that I write down only my first name.

This expanded to various other enterprises involving the production of documents, and then they decided they needed "Open" and "Closed" signs to indicate when you could and couldn't sign in to their "shop." SteelyKid just wrote "OPEN" and "CLOSED" on a sheet of paper, and hung it on the table, but The Pip very carefully dictated this sign to Kate:

The "Closed" sign that the Pip dictated to Kate. The "Closed" sign that the Pip dictated to Kate.

It reads:

Sorry, the shop is


No writing on paper today!

We open at 10:40

He was extremely happy with the result, and this has been posted on our front door for a few days now. Every now and then, he notices it and insists we change it from open to closed, or whatever, to indicate whether or not there will be writing on paper.

And there's your glimpse of life in Chateau Steelypips for the moment. Often confusing, but never dull.

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