154/366: Parking Lot Sunset

Early in this photo-a-day thing I tried to get in the habit of bringing the camera with me when I ran errands, to get pictures of random interesting stuff outside of the immediate neighborhood of our house. I fell out of that, though, when it was actually cold, because I didn't like leaving the camera in the car in freezing temperatures.

I had it with me last night, though, because I was taking SteelyKid to Odyssey of the Mind practice. Which was good, because while we were getting our traditional fast-food dinner beforehand, there was a really cool-looking sunset:

Sunset over Niskayuna. Sunset over Niskayuna.

There's basically no way to get a good sunset photo from within our neighborhood, but this is a little ways away, and on a bit of a hill, so has a relatively clear horizon. So, check it out: pretty colors!


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"I fell out of that, though, when it was actually cold, because I didn’t like leaving the camera in the car in freezing temperatures"

Just FYI -- I left my Canon DSLR outside in Antarctica a number of times in temperatures as low as -37 C (actually it may have been colder in the coldest part of the night -- that was the coldest we saw in the morning) and it was no worse for wear.

The only thing you really have to worry about is bringing it into a warm indoor environment without getting the camera warm first, as you'll get condensation all over the cold camera. I had this experience too and my camera is no worse for wear (YMMV, of course). Some people like to put their camera in a sealed plastic bag with a desiccant to let it warm up indoors without condensation.