173/366: Art Bonanza

The Pip is in pre-school these days, and we have a running joke when I drop him off where I tell him to work hard, and he responds "No, grown-ups do work. You go to work. I'm going to the JCC to play with my friends!"

Of course, his playing does involve a bit of work, in that they do a lot of arts and crafts stuff. And while there was a long period where he wasn't really into drawing on paper, in recent weeks, he's gotten very fired up about drawing, and every day we get a few scibbled-on sheets of paper sent home. Put this together with the steady flow of homework from SteelyKid, and the kid-paper shelf in the dining room fills up pretty quickly.

As alluded to yesterday, every so often I go through the shelf, pull out the best pieces, and photograph them before sending them to the recycling bin. This involves a good bit of triage, and to give you a sense of the volume of stuff we're dealing with, today's photo of the day is a shot from the middle of this process:

Sorting the Pip's pre-school artwork. Sorting the Pip's pre-school artwork.

This is partway through the process, when I've already tossed a bunch of stuff, and it's still a giant pile of art. Some of it is super-cute, some of it is just a few scribbled lines or a few stamps on paper. But as much as he denies that he's doing work, man, is he a busy Little Dude...

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