198-212/366: Kid-Centric Photo Dump

A bunch of stuff happened that knocked me out of the habit of editing and posting photos-- computer issues, travel, catching up on work missed because of travel, and a couple of bouts with a stomach bug the kids brought home. I have been taking pictures, though, and will make an attempt to catch up. Given the huge delay, though, I'm going to drop the pretense of doing one photo a day, and do the right number, but grouped more thematically.

This span included Easter, which meant a lot of family time, which means photos of the kids doing stuff. So here's a big group of those.

The Sillyheads Together:

198/366: Swinging

Swings are fun. Swings are fun.

This is on the playground at the JCC; SteelyKid is dressed as a ninja because we were there for the Purim carnival (which the kids decided they wanted nothing to do with...).

199/366: Builders

Power tools plus Lincoln Logs equals fun. Power tools plus Lincoln Logs equals fun.

My parents have a mix of old and new toys at the house for the kids to play with, which is why The Pip is using a power drill to build a house with Lincoln Logs. SteelyKid is assembling the plane that the drill actually goes with.

200/366: Climbing

Climbing on the Adams building playground. Climbing on the Adams building playground.

I like the dramatic lighting in this one.

201/366: Baking

Helping Grandma make a cake for Easter. Helping Grandma make a cake for Easter.

Wouldn't be Easter without a bunny-shaped cake.

202/366: King of the Hill

Teaming up against Grandpa. Teaming up against Grandpa.

It's a little hard to see the "hill" in this, but they were very determined to keep Grandpa from reaching the top of it.

SteelyKid Solo

203/366: Move BACK!

Watching tv from the dog's bed. Watching tv from the dog's bed.

This is SteelyKid's preferred location for watching television at my parents', and she needs to be told to back up about six times a day.

204/366: Flying Turtle

Whee! Whee!

SteelyKid riding her physics demonstration on the bike path.

205/366: Slugger

SteelyKid hitting a softball. SteelyKid hitting a softball.

SteelyKid's going to be playing rec softball this spring (starting in a couple of weeks), so my parents got her some gear for Easter. She's got a really good eye, and can get a bat on just about any pitch.

206/366: Catch

Catch with Grandpa. Catch with Grandpa.

The Pip solo

207/366: Boo!

Boo, Haman! Boo, Haman!

I went to see the Purim costume parade at the JCC day care, where they did a dramatic reading of the Purim story. Apparently it's traditional to boo and shake noisemakers whenever the bad king in the story gets mentioned, which The Pip really enjoyed.

208/366: Headfirst

This is totally safe, I'm sure. This is totally safe, I'm sure.

Our Little Dude can be pretty daring.

209/366: Building Is Hard

Legos demand intense concentration. Legos demand intense concentration.

The kids both got Lego sets for Easter, and The Pip worked very hard to assemble his little Spider-Man set.

210/366: Ironic Duck

Quack. Quack.

The Pip has developed quite the array of skeptical facial expressions, probably because of my habit of deliberately getting things wrong. These are kind of hard to get on camera, but I like his look here.

211/366: Pipside Down

Wave your legs in the air like you just don't care. Wave your legs in the air like you just don't care.

Sometimes, you just need to sit on your head.

School Pictures

The photo shelf in my parent's living room, with school pictures of the kids. The photo shelf in my parent's living room, with school pictures of the kids.

Also the "featured image" up top, this is the photo shelf in my parents' living room, with both the first school pictures the kids got taken, and the most recent of their school pictures. The Pip is very pleased with his Batman hoodie.

And that's about half of the pictures I need to get caught up, in terms of numbers, so the next photo-dump post will be devoted to non-kid pictures.

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Could there be a vision issue?

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