276-278/366: Fun With Editing

Last in a series of themed collections of pictures. These ones are showcasing my rudimentary GIMP skills, pasting together multiple pictures into composites.

276/366: Sky-Bison for Scale

One of the earliest happenings in the three-week period I'm dumping photos from was SteelyKid getting strep throat again. She spent a Friday at home, and I took the opportunity to introduce her to Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD. They're now a few episodes into the third season, so that was a big hit.

This reignited an interest in our stuffed Appa toy, which I used to use for scale in baby-blogging photos, which in turn led to taking some new Appa-for-scale pictures:

Some Appa-for-scale comparisons. Some Appa-for-scale comparisons.

They've grown just a little...

This also led to The Pip demanding a stuffed Appa of his very own, which turns out to be slightly smaller. That made a great excuse for a physics blogging post at Forbes, though...

277/366: Scootering Pip

The Pip rolling past obstacles on the Flying Turtle scooter. The Pip rolling past obstacles on the Flying Turtle scooter.

As mentioned in previous photo dump posts, I took the kids down to my parents' for Memorial Day weekend, where there was a lot of scooter-riding. For some reason, this involved stringing Bodie's leash across the gap between the kitchen table and the stove, but that couldn't stop The Pip.

278/366: Taekwondo Faces

SteelyKid thinking and waiting. SteelyKid thinking and waiting.

I couldn't decide which of these photos of SteelyKid waiting with her team at the taekwondo tournament I liked best, so I just stuck them all together. You can see that she noticed me with the camera between the second and third...

And that, I believe, catches us up to today.

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Loved the Appa photos when they were little. These are fantastic! What do the kids think of the comparison pics?

By CCPhysicist (not verified) on 07 Jun 2016 #permalink

Both kids were duly impressed to see how small they used to be. SteelyKid got a big kick out of the doctored photos with different-sized Appas, but The Pip didn't really understand the point.