Song of the Day

As of today, I can officially no longer claim to be in my "early 40's," so here's a great song with a thematically appropriate title:

(The lyrical content has no particular relevance to my life, I hasten to add...)

I'm taking a bit of a social-media hiatus at the moment, but it is very nice to see all the well-wishes from Facebook friends and acquaintances. Though I found it a little creepy to go to Google and see a special birthday-cake doodle with "Happy birthday, Chad!" as the mouseover text...

Kate and I are leaving tonight for Rome, to go to a friend's wedding there. So you can expect some more variety in the next weekly photo dump than the kids-and-trees pictures you got last time. Not likely to be much between now and then, though.


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If you define "40s" as [41...50], you get one more year of "early 40s".