Belgian flag sales boom with talks of independence

i-6ef2b829564f57e51ba108d14df974f2-belgium_flag_270.jpgPossibly in response to Kara's earlier post, sales of Belgian flags have skyrocketed. They are selling like they are going out of style...and they may well do so:

A growing debate about the potential division of Belgium has led to a surge in sales of Belgian flags as opponents of separatism seek to display their patriotism.

Belgians are accustomed to flying the black-yellow-red tricolor on the king's birthday, July 21, but in recent weeks far more flags have been hung from windows and balconies, particularly in the capital, Brussels.

"In the last couple of weeks sales have tripled. I'd say we've sold two, three, four hundred flags and it's private individuals we are seeing coming in," said Walter Michiels, who owns a business selling flags in Brussels.

Kristel Cartentier of flag and print business Artemis said she too had noted a tripling of sales.

"People are coming in saying they want to show their support for Belgian unity," she said.

The national anthem, the Brabanconne, has also become the most downloaded tune for use as a mobile phone ring -- among French-speaking Belgians.

However, the flag-waving is not a countrywide phenomenon. It has barely taken off in the Dutch-speaking region, Flanders, where support for independence is strong.

How much of these sales do you think is patriotism, and how much is to grab a possible collectors items? I have a friend who bought a bunch of old Iraqi dinar with Saddam on them because he figured they would be worth something when they went out of circulation. Maybe people are also speculating that there would be a new Belgian flag on division.

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It might be less ambiguous to say "partition". Belgium is, after all, already independent.