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Gregory had this to say about the post on why you sometimes feel like you are falling when you are going to sleep:

there is a spiritual explanation for this, it is the moment when awareness stops identifying with the physical mind/body, and falls into the subtle body, on its way to complete disassociation with any of the bodies, what we call deep sleep..

in the world, many cultures know about these bodies, have for thousands of years... in the backward west though, with our addiction to the religion of science, we think we are discovering things...

i reckon science wil,l discover the subtle bodies in about fifty years...

enjoy,... meanwhile, there are other means of knowledge than via the senses and intellect... start meditation... you will see for yourself

Heh, heh. He said subtle bodies.

You go ahead and run with your spiritual explanation, Greg. I'll stick with things I can measure.


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Hypnogogic hallucination, it's actually pretty well understood and not spiritual. Basically, it represents your brain being taken offline, and removed from physical control of your body.

Whether its spiritual or empirical this is something I have wondered about. I think when we get to the actual provable, testable and repeatable stage on the mind-body connection it is going to be very fascinating stuff. I sometimes try to relate it to those 10 or 11 dimensions that Quantum physics has postulated but can't quite touch yet. I think that science has some marvelous discoveries in store!
Dave Briggs :~)