Octopus exacts revenge on human captors, floods aquarium


A mischievous octopus is being held responsible over the flooding of a Californian aquarium after sabotaging the filtration system. Employees at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium arrived at work yesterday to find their offices soaked with hundreds of gallons of seawater. The source of the flood was traced to the aquarium's small two-spotted octopus. Staff member Brianne Emhiser stated in a press release:

"Our best guess is that the octopus, who is incredibly gregarious and curious, tugged on a valve in her tank last night causing a steady stream of water to overflow out of the tank."

The calculated act of vandalism comes just months after a major refurbishment replaced all the flooring in the offices.

Octopuses - is there anything they can't do?

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No. No there is not.

I suspect that it's only their lack of group organisation that's stopped them from taking over.

Thankfully all cephalopods are known to be anarchists.