Why is science important?


Some time back film-maker Alom Shaha asked me to contribute to a project he was working on entitled Why is Science Important?. I'm pleased to see that the finished film is now complete, featuring such luminaries as Adam-Hart Davis, Professor Robin Weiss, Prof. Marcus du Sautoy, A.C. Grayling and Susan Blackmore, and skipping from Antarctic survey to rocket lab to fusion reactor. You can watch the film in individual clips here, or as a single half-hour film here. You can also contribute your thoughts as to why science is important by leaving a message here.

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Nice film. Congratulations. I am an Applied Physics Professor, and most of my students don't ask the question of why science is important. What this video reminds me though is that we all should continue to ask ourselves, as it will bring purpose to all of our studies and research. As a father of a 3 year old, it won't be long before I need to ispire in much the way you do.

Whenever I start doubting what I'm doing in school (biology major), I just start thinking about friends and family that have struggled with debilitating diseases, whether they won or lost. That is all the motivation I need to keep at it.