British Transport Police fights terror with terror


The British Transport Police seem set to continue the fight against terror with their curious strategy of scaring the living shit out of everyone themselves. I guess if the BTP can whip the British public into a state of paranoid terror, then the terrorists won't have to, and we'll have won. Right? While we're at it, let's remove all those civil liberties like trial by jury and due process, so pesky terrorists can't take them from us. Rule Brittania!

Here's the latest in a series of hysteria-inducing "anti-terror" posters that have come out of the UK in recent years. It appeared on page 9 of the Independent newspaper today.


Text reads:

A bomb won't go off here because weeks before a shopper reported someone studying the CCTV cameras

Yes, you read that right. Having the temerity to even gaze upon your steely cycloptic gods on poles is excuse enough to drag you to a Turkish prison so swarthy men can pull out your fingernails with pliers. I mean, why not just go the whole hog and plaster OBEY posters on every available surface?

It has been said before, but it's worth pointing out again that at a time when London was being bombed to rubble on a nightly basis, the UK Government had this to say about the very real threat:


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Holy non-sequitur, Batman!

Man, I'm really getting tempted to start reporting stupid things to the Confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on a daily, perhaps even hourly, basis. It's anonymous, right? All I need is a stack of throwaway SIMs...

Finished with my woman, cos she couldn't help me with my mind...

I can remember more than one report stating that the police were fed up with nuisance calls and now they are inviting them? Sigh.

"Suspicion breeds confidence."

Looks like George Orwell was right about the state of affairs in Britain's future.