Friday Flash Fun: Gravity Pods


Gravity Pods isn't a new game, having hit the net back in 2007, but it's certainly worth a look if you haven't tried it before. The physics-based game runs on a simple premise: get your green rocket to the purple swirly thing. To do this you'll need to navigate the gravitational fields of numerous 'pods', which will pull your rocket off course. Of course, like the boffins at NASA / ESA you must learn to use these gravitational fields to slingshot your craft to its destination. There's a lot of trial and error involved, and your map is slowly painted in delightful swirly patterns showing the paths of failed rockets. So go, live out your Colin Pillinger fantasies! And if (unlike me) you somehow manage to complete all the challenges, Gravity Pods 2 is here to entertain and perplex you even further.

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You bastard! Just when I thought I had my internet addictions whipped.