Friday Flash Fun: Microbe Kombat


Not content with sapping our productivity with the Space Game, Armor Games have released another little science-themed gem in Microbe Kombat. The premise is simple - guide your microbe through the primordial ooze, eat proteins, and engulf smaller microbes. There are two broad strategies: keep eating protein until you're the biggest bully on the block, or keep dividing until you swarm out the enemy. Both have their pros and cons - dividing will make you and your daughter cells more vulnerable to macrophages, but many small microbes will out-compete a single large one in scavenging proteins. A delicate balance between the two is needed to win. There are also various mutations to be won - increased speed, apoptosis, growth - and viruses that will infect you and negate those bonuses.


It's fast-paced, difficult, and it took me ten minutes just to reach level four. Better mutations seem to be unlocked on later levels, so perhaps this is a game to revisit now and again to slowly progress. Otherwise this micro-management game can be even more frustrating than trying to infect Madagascar.

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You've failed to link microbe wars :(

Ha, I am full of fail. Link added.

Well, if its any consolation, I spent a good 5 minutes trying to find the link. Ended up mousing over every word just to be sure I didn't make an ass of myself.

Pandemic 2 was fun. You could make a Night of the Living Dead parasite with it :)
Not good for points but (for me) very high on the how lets have fun scale.
Necrosis, Ataxia, Insanity, Dementia (for an I am Legend you also need Hypersensitivity). Optional Hemorrhaging, Sores, cysts, Boils,

By Who Cares (not verified) on 08 May 2009 #permalink

Hurray! Just spent 20 minutes on this game after following the link - and I finished all the levels. So it's worth sticking with it!