Solve this sexy fire girl mystery!

A friend of mine on the burlesque circuit spotted this fantastic hot lady / science mashup: setting pretty girls on fire!


No trickery here - the Fuel Girls (NSFW) are a troupe of pyro-minxes who perform a "kick-ass, ultra sexy, fire breathing rock and roll, dance and stunt show". They were filmed as part of Discovery's Time Warp TV show.

My friend wants to know what this magical harmless fire gel is, and where she can get some! Any suggestions?

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I don't have any suggestions for the magical harmless fire gel, but when I was a young lad (read: pre-puberty) I discovered that I could light my hands on fire by spraying hair spray on my hands and lighting them. Don't try this at home! Oh, and that trick stopped working once I started to grow hair on my hands.

Also, for a cool party trick involving fire: mini marshmellows on skewers can be lit on fire and eaten while still flaming (the trick is to stick them completely in your mouth (um, but don't touch the fire to anything in your mouth) and then seal your lips. Is it magic? Or science?

I wonder if it's the stuff they use for sterilising hands in hospitals?

Nah, that burns with a pale blue flame (though it is cool). What? :)

I think what you're looking for is typically known as "stunt gel" or "fire gel" - it goes for about $100/gallon (I'd assume cheaper in bulk). Here's a link to a description of the original Zel Jel Stunt Gel.

If your friend wants to use it on a stage act, make certain she has fire extinguishers ready and practices her "stop drop and roll" moves. A fire blanket could be handy as well, and an assistant to stand by to the side in wait.

Make sure there are no low ceilings or anything nearby to catch fire, and be especially careful of her hair - pull it back in a twist - and use caution of any clothing or costume the fabric of which can catch fire. Certain fabrics burn more easily and should be avoided wearing the night of the show.

We wouldn't want her sexy nightclub act to go up like the band Great White did a few years ago, when their pyro show caught the nightclub on fire and killed dozens.

But with some practical safety and rehearsal, it would be a very sexy and mysterious show.

@ Jules
For most shows, a half-cut belligerent showgirl and a bucket of water is the closest I'd be able to get to that kind of preparation!

Magicians use a mixture of just 1:1 isopropanol:water. The idea is that the point at which burns occur is during the phase where some of the fuel is entirely used up on the surface on the skin at some places on the skin.
Before then the volatilization of the fuel keeps the skin cool, but towards the end it is used up in some spots.

By mixing water in the fuel burns off, there is some remaining water:alcohol mix, whose vapor is not flammable and whose boiling point if pretty low, that provides a limited amount of protection.

@ Frank,

A bucket of water, and a quick glance to make sure you know where the fire exits are located, will just have to do then! ;-)

The product is called stunt gel, but it takes more then some googling to learn how to do it. there are many more ways to hurt or kill your self doing a body burn then you could ever think of. i've been doing stunts and special effects in Hollywood ca for the last 10 years and i've seen many experienced stunt performers seriously hurt doing seemingly simple burns. there's also no such thing as "harmless" fire. the temperature of the flames around the performer typically reach well over 1500F, one breath will scorch your lungs beyond working. if you want to learn how to do it, get a hold of someone that gets paid to do it and has a strong reputation of safety.

It is a Fire-retardant gels are superabsorbent polymer slurries with a "consistency almost like petroleum jelly." Used as fire retardants, they can be used for structure protection and in direct-attack applications against wildfires.

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