Science + Art + Math = Haeckel Fractals

Thanks to Morbid Anatomy for this fantastic mashup: Ernest Haeckal's highly-celebrated engravings from Artforms of Nature turned into mutant beauty using a fractal generator.


More images available from sub blue


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I have a half-sleeve of Haeckel's taxonomic sketches. They are so incredibly beautiful!

Another Julia! Funny, first thing this Julia thought was "Wow - those designs would make beautiful tattoos!" And here you are, already having these inked.

I love his bird sketch, especially, in the link. :-)

J'aimes beaucoup les objets fractals. Personnellement, j'ai développé une théorie mathématique de la conscience reliant la relativité(Lagrangien) et la physique quantique(Hamiltonien).
Ceci m'a permis de relier l'Art-Sciences-Maths.

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