Science + Art + Math = Haeckel Fractals

Thanks to Morbid Anatomy for this fantastic mashup: Ernest Haeckal's highly-celebrated engravings from Artforms of Nature turned into mutant beauty using a fractal generator.


More images available from sub blue


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A friend of mine on the burlesque circuit spotted this fantastic hot lady / science mashup: setting pretty girls on fire! No trickery here - the Fuel Girls (NSFW) are a troupe of pyro-minxes who perform a "kick-ass, ultra sexy, fire breathing rock and roll, dance and stunt show". They were…
I thought I'd do today's fractal a little backwards. I usually begin with a fractal, then show a matching picture from nature, and explain a bit of the science behind the nature. This time, I'm going to start off with a nature photo, and follow with the fractals. Everyone should be familiar with…
Hans Baldung Grien, Death and the Maiden, 1518-20 Via Morbid Anatomy, I discovered that artist Saul Chernock has written an interesting mini-essay on historical portrayals of "the Undead, images of beings that hover between the realms of life and death." Daniel Hopfer, Death and the Devil…
Picture a Julia set, in shades of deep blue and green, with stretching, white spiral arms, decorated with fractal Brownian motion, which leaves hazy boundaries between shades of cloud, land, and open ocean: It might resemble a hurricane. Of course, a relatively simple geometric structure like a…

I have a half-sleeve of Haeckel's taxonomic sketches. They are so incredibly beautiful!

Another Julia! Funny, first thing this Julia thought was "Wow - those designs would make beautiful tattoos!" And here you are, already having these inked.

I love his bird sketch, especially, in the link. :-)

J'aimes beaucoup les objets fractals. Personnellement, j'ai développé une théorie mathématique de la conscience reliant la relativité(Lagrangien) et la physique quantique(Hamiltonien).
Ceci m'a permis de relier l'Art-Sciences-Maths.

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