Pneumatic Grappling Hook Gun from Battelle

Live out your superhero fantasies with this grappling hook gun from Battelle. It shoots 100 feet up and 60 feet across, easily enough to scale ten storeys to your enemy's hideout. They say:

The Tactical Air Initiated Launch (TAIL) system is used to propel a titanium grappling hook towing a Kevlar line for use in Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) operations. It also can be used for fire rescue operations, life vest deployment, or other activities.

Besides enhanced performance at reduced cost, the TAIL system's simple, rugged design boosts safety and reliability with the advantage of low maintenance. Its simplicity has another benefit: the system can throw any object that fits into its barrel.


No word yet on what it costs, but if you've been nice maybe Santa will bring you one?

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Christmas is coming up bro's. Why dont you go ahead and get some cool stuff to make it all real.
It will just take few minutes to look at it and give you thousands of reason to smile. It has covered with anything you would like to have to celebrate this christmas in your own style. Common folks lets do it.
See Ya

Can i get one with a bungee cord instead of the kevlar line?

By Strategically … (not verified) on 04 Dec 2010 #permalink