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I recently started writing for a new website called TechPedia Atlanta which will launch in Summer 2008.

TechPedia Atlanta is a wiki-style site that will let anyone create or edit encyclopedic entries about the Atlanta technology scene.

I like the idea of an Atlanta-centric technology site because the city has a burgeoning biotech industry that remains under-the-radar. I think it would be a great place to showcase the innovative research being done at local universities and act as a networking tool for people aspiring to work or invest in the Atlanta biotech industry.

Having a wiki-style site that can be edited by anyone goes well with the culture of Atlanta's biotech industry, which is rather young and very much home-grown.

Similar sites may exist in other tech hubs around the country but I am not aware of them.

Update (5-20-08): If you are interested in writing for TechPedia Atlanta, please contact Justin at


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I don't know of any other Tech wikis aimed at a particular city or state. You might expect Boston or the folks in Silicon Valley to have something like this. But it's possible that they may not need their own wikis. Because they are more well known (as biotech hubs) than Atlanta, most of their innovations may alredy be described on the "mother-wiki" Wikipedia, Good luck on the project, Karen.