December's goals: finishing up, getting ahead, and finding peace

Despite determination and actual effort, I didn't meet my InaDWriMo goal, but I suspect that I am a lot farther along than I would have been without the embarrasment of the little ticker over to the left. As for my other goals, while effort was exerted on those fronts as well, I can't honestly say that anything could be counted as completed. So I've been strongly tempted to restate my November goals again this month.

But instead I think I'll recast them. Maybe it is profgrrrl's post on how she picks a theme for the year rather than setting resolutions. Maybe it was the reflective (and jubilant) mood that the last day of class has put me in. But simply restating the goals just isn't going to work for me.

Thus in December, I will be:
Finishing Up
Part 1: Finishing tasks related to fall semester course and organizing everything for next time
Part 2: Finishing revisions to paper γ and resubmiting

Getting ahead

Part 1: Designing course Z, writing labs, starting to write lectures, picking journal articles
Part 2: Writing syllabus for course Y, arranging guest lecturers, monitoring enrollment I don't have to teach this. Yay!
Part 3: Going in field with collaborators, collectively picking topic for proposal

Finding peace
Part 1: Finishing Minnow's baby quilt
Part 2: Taking one day with Minnow in daycare and do no academic work
Part 3: Accepting that some research will have to be on the back-burner for the next few months
Part 4: Enjoying the Christmas season

Furthermore, since it's well known that December is a short work-month, I declare that I will be finishing up, getting ahead, and finding peace until the end of the first week of January.

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Great goals for the month, especially for your finding peace category. Don't forget to take a moment and enjoy Minnow's very first Christmas and make some special memories as a family.