Snippets on a Sunday night

For the first weekend for quite a number of weeks, I've gotten to be at home. The other home, yes, but at least one of them. So it's been a weekend of odds and sods of various flavours:

  • We are avid NPR listeners and heard about this interesting story about fortnightly clubs, clubs that women joined in the 19th century (and still until today, apparently) to keep their intellect exercised. *Gasp*: they do research, for fun! How shocking.
  • I got to catch up (although only a little) on my Google Reader blogs, and got to hear the newest installment from Erin and Hig as they walk from Seattle to the the Aleutian Islands in order to groundtruth the wilderness on the way. They started walking last June, walked all the way through the winter, and are expecting to arrive at the first Aleutian Island in June. The photos and the writing are brilliant.
  • We cooked food for the next few days in the week - roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, garlic, tomatoes (for soup), onions, and asparagus, in a mix of autumn, winter and spring seasonality.
  • I got a paper back, and it wasn't rejected. Lots of review and revision to do, but it wasn't rejected. W00T!
  • I believe we have done 3 loads of laundry (and could have done a fourth, I wager), washed 2 loads of dishes, and transplanted seedlings of the brussels sprout, four-season lettuce, Jericho lettuce, basil, and parsley variety. It'll do for now.

And now I get to watch Room with a View, although my husband is in the other room grading, and we have no sofa to watch the television from - so I'm blogging and watching TV from my desk and my swivel chair. It could be worse - we could be in separate cities, rather than separate rooms.

It really is a weekend of odds and sods. Some are like that, I guess. And I guess some posts are not really cogent. But that's okay too. :-)

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How nice you got some "house time", and congratulations on that paper!
It's great you can have some vegetables of your own. My mother used to do so. And in the house i live now, the little kids got mini-tomatoes and chili, though we are starting autumm and the vegetables don't look so healthy these days.

I heard the Fortnightly Club story on NPR too. My reaction was, 'hey, that's what I do for a living!' But it was inspiring to hear about elderly ladies doing research into their 90s.

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