ISEF 2008: Day 1 by the numbers

Miles walked: At least 5. The Georgia World Congress Center is huge!
Random "it's a small world" connections made: 2
Not-entirely-unexpected reunions encountered: 3

Ounces pumped and dumped: 7 (so far)
Freakouts had: None since the airport.
Times I've called home: None.(I don't want to risk waking a sleeping baby. I'll call tomorrow morning.)
Time I'll be home tomorrow night: 11ish.

Abstracts read: at least 40.
Hours of judging I'll have tomorrow: 3 without a break, 8 total
Projects I've been impressed by: All of them. It's hard to believe some of the science these high school studentss are doing.

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Impressive. My baby did not cooperate with my conference attendance plans. The plastic breast was not good enough. Did you practise beforehand?