InaDWriMo Week 1 Progress

i-9dc84d4d9156dccb30d5f62466b4219a-swblocks.jpgEek! We're one week into November already? How in the world did that happen? I've made good progress, but I still have *so* much left to do.

I've already told you how my writing month got off to a start, but below the fold you can catch up on the rest of my progress.

Sunday Nov 2: Added final sentences to proposal. Slightly reorganized methods section to clarify. Now have draft complete except what is needed from co-PI. Sent off to collaborator. (~150 words)

Monday Nov 3: Wrote budget justification (499 words.)

Tuesday Nov 4: Election day, too distracting to get huge amounts done, but managed to work on revision to introduction of paper. New introduction = 1655 words. Previous introduction = 1730. We're going to think in terms of absolute values here, so 75 words, but a lot of thinking behind them.

Wednesday Nov 5: Post-election celebration and distraction. Revised budget justification for proposal. Continued to work on introduction, field area sections of paper. now have a somewhat clearly stated purpose, more upfront delineation of what is new in this paper versus what is old news. Those sections currently 2227 words, previously 2298 words. 71 words, but more thinking. Bedtime creeping later and later.

Thursday Nov 6: 466 words of new methods and results for paper but need to fill in the missing specific numbers. very tired.

Friday Nov 7: Letter of recommendation doesn't count does it? How about administration-requested revisions to proposal? Went to bed at 9 pm due to exhaustion.

In sum, Sunday-Friday: 1261 words, lots of thoughts, and not enough sleep.
The proposal gets submitted Monday, then it's full on focus on the paper revisions until I send them off to my co-authors by the 19th. After that, it's hurry-up-with-the-data-analysis-before-I-need-to-make-my-poster.

Hope you all had a productive week too.

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