A workshop on transitioning back into academia

The ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change received an award from the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program to hold professional development workshops for Ph.D.-level women in industry, research labs, consulting, or national labs who are interested in transitioning to academic careers in STEM. The first workshop will be held October 18-20, 2009 in Seattle. A recent press release about the workshops is at: http://uwnews.org/uweek/article.aspx?id=49062

The workshop speakers will primarily be successful women faculty members who began their post-Ph.D. careers in industry, research labs, consulting, or national labs, and will come from a variety of types of institutions (public, private, research, liberal arts, etc.) The attendees, speakers, and workshop organizers will form a community who can support each other during the job application period, the interview process, the startup negotiations, and the first years in academia.

The workshops will be limited to 30 participants. Registration is free and travel funding for airfare and hotel will be available. We are now accepting applications on-line at

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Thanks for posting this, SW. Looking around on their website, I found out about the Rice workshops, which are for current PhD students and post-docs.

Then I realized that you had blogged about this back in May. You mention having applied twice and not having gotten in. Any idea why? Did they ever give you any feedback on this?

I think the Rice University ADVANCE workshops were simply overwhelmed with applicants - several hundred women applied for several dozen spots.