Call for September Scientiae: Inspiration or Desperation?

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgThe September Scientiae announcement is up, to be hosted by Academic (w00t! another engineer blogger!) over at her place, Journeys of an Academic. She has announced the theme: "Inspiration or Desperation?" with a submission date of September 4, so really you have no time to procrastinate. Just submit something fabulous, as you usually do. Ta.


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On Sunday, Academic posted the newest edition of Scientiae, focusing on "inspiration and desparation." Head over and read it!
Lab Cat has hosted a September Scientiae BBQ, with posts from both ScienceWoman and me. Thanks for hosting, Lab Cat! A good read to chew over as you labor over canning pears, I will admit. Next Scientiae will be hosted by Jen Myers over at deliberatepixel.
Update April 7: GrrlScientist has decided to change the name to "Scientia Pro Publica," science for the people. Thanks to folks who shared ideas with her!! ----------------------GrrlScientist has decided to revive the Tangled Bank carnival under a new name: Scientia. While a very apt name indeed…
New Scibling Anne Jefferson (welcome, Anne! We are neglect in our scibling hospitality, so sorry!) who blogs over at Highly Allochthonous has called out for a last hurrah for women geoscientists to fill out a survey about reading or writing blogs. Please do wander over and complete it, won't you…