Celebrate One Million Comments!

As you've undoubtedly noticed by now, we've reached more than 1,000,000 comments on our network! W00t!

To celebrate, from September 14-29, our bloggers are setting up parties all over the U.S. and abroad. Click on the map below to see if there's a party near you.

Below the fold is the complete list of where the parties are happening, arranged by date. Check back often for links to party photos and film footage! (**Last update: 10/20**)

Tuesday, September 16:


Join Abbie Smith in Oklahoma City, OK. (See Abbie's photos!)

Wednesday, September 17:


Tim Lambert and Dan MacArthur in Sydney, Australia. (See their photos!)

Thursday, September 18:


Join PZ Myers and Greg Laden in the Twin Cities, MN. (*updated location!)


Join Dave Ng and Jennifer Jacquet in Vancouver, Canada.

*See video footage of the Vancouver party*

Saturday, September 20:


Join Abel Pharmboy, James Hrynyshyn, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Dave and Greta Munger, Scicurious, ScienceWoman, Kevin Zelnio and Bora Zivkovic at the Asheboro Zoo in NC.

*See video footage and photos of the North Carolina party*


Join Nick Anthis, Kara Contreary, Mo Costandi, Selvakumar Ganesan, and Ed Yong in London, England.

*See video footage of the London party*

Monday, September 22:


Tara Smith and Evil Monkey in Iowa City, IA.

Friday, September 26:


Join Andrew Bleiman, Benny Bleiman, Craig McClain, Razib, Josh Rosenau, and Janet Stemwedel in San Francisco, CA.

*See photos of the San Francisco party*

Saturday, September 27:


Join Dave Bacon, Maria Brumm, GrrlScientist, and Sandra Porter in Seattle, WA.

*See photos and video footage of the Seattle party*


Alice Pawley and Steve Higgins in Champaign, IL.

*See photos of the Champaign party*

Sunday, September 28:


Join Karmen in Arvada, CO.

*See video footage of the Colorado party*


Zuska in Philadelphia, PA.

*See video footage of the Philadelphia party*

Monday, September 29:


Join Blake Stacey, the Boston Skeptics, and a surprise speaker (!) in Boston, MA.

Tuesday, October 7


Join GrrlScientist, Ginny Hughes, Erin Johnson, Logan Elsass, PhysioProf, and Jake Young in New York City.

*See photos from the New York party*


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