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i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgA missive from FairerScience blog guru Pat Campbell:

Want a job?

This is not a title you see much in this economy; but we and our partners at Northwestern have two job openings: Social Science Research Associate (5 years). and Social Scientist Research Associate/Postdoctoral Fellow (2 years).

I am so excited about this study-- we are looking at the processes and criteria young women are using to make career decisions in the biological/biomedical sciences, especially related to academic careers, as they progress from undergraduate into PhD training, comparing students with different ethnicities in women's colleges, colleges and
universities with strong Women in Science (WIS) programs, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and other colleges and universities and to compare the career decision-making processes of these women with a broad and diverse sample of men in these schools, and women and men in NIH: NIGMS-sponsored programs.

To see the job descriptions, come on over to the FairerScience web blog

Please consider passing the descriptions on or even better applying.


Pat Campbell

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Oh, those jobs sound so incredibly interesting! Too bad I don't have a social science background OR won't be living in Chicago :(

That is the type of research I really want to get into though. Any advice for going from science to social science?

I love being called fab and a guru. Thanks Alice-- I'll try to live up to my billing.

Mrs. CH in addition to reading and taking courses, if you have some social science research questions you would like to answer; consider teaming up with an educational or social science researcher to do that. Currently I'm working on survey of geoscience bloggers and blog readers with two geo scientists and an engineer. We all have different strengths and we are learning from each other.

BTW geo scientists if you haven't already, please take our short survey

Alice and Pat - thanks for the ideas! I actually took a sociology course back in my undergrad and loved it. In fact, I was registered as a sociology major for a semester before I switched into astronomy! I guess my interest in it never really went away. Perhaps with a new semester starting, I can find a course to sit in on!