Introducing Maggie

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgWe found a new friend at the dog shelter this weekend. I have been "between dogs" since my family's beloved Psyche (our beagle who was attacked by the cougar) died of lymphoma in 2004.

Here's Psyche on Christmas 2003 (and me with really really long hair):
Psyche, a long time ago

My husband has never had any pets, and I've been so busy that we've been working up to getting a new friend for a looooong time. We were looking first for living in the same city together, then feeling more stable, then not traveling over the summer. Finally the time seemed right, so we started visiting shelters to find a friend in need to adopt.

We found Maggie on Saturday, and adopted her on Sunday. "Maggie" is the name the shelter named her when she was brought in by Animal Control in the previous week with her brother (I'm trying not to feel too much guilt about separating the two... :-( ). So far, she is super -- can sit and lie down on command, has only had 1 accident inside, walks well on the "Gentle Leader" leash, and is fine inside her crate at night. My husband is doing really well with her too.

And I finally feel a sense of peace with her snoozing nearby that I haven't had for a long time.

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Cutie patootie! She looks like a sweetheart. I want one.

Congrats! I want one but am waiting for the "right" time.

How old do they think she is? What a cutie!

Yay for Maggie!!

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