In print at last

i-f875c0b07d9b3cb6229668554781b35a-alice.jpgLook what showed up in my most recent issue of the NWSA Journal (NWSA=National Women's Studies Association)?

In print at last

I'm in print! W00T! This co-authored paper is in the current issue, which is a special issue on "Inclusive Science" that came out of this conference last summer.

I'm pleased to be in the same lineup with Cindy Foor, whose fabulous paper on industrial engineering as "imaginary engineering" you should really read (the original paper came out of the NWSA conference a few years back), as well as Meg Upchurch, whose paper on on our problematic metaphor of glial cells as "housekeepers" is also exceptional. I cite both of them all the time.

There's also more good stuff, including on on LGBT faculty by Abby Stewart and Diana Bilimoria, and a paper on the gender gap in patenting by Sue Rosser. AND I get to add a new person to my "must read" list: Hui Niu Wilcox has written a paper on performance as a pedagogy for social justice.

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Love the picture! Congrats.