Yep, that's what I was up to last night.

I've added some useful content to the left-hand sidebar of the site. Specifically, I've listed a few recommended books that readers of my blog might enjoy, and I've also listed several worthy science-related causes for prospective donors. The causes come from a recent post on the topic. There seemed to be quite a bit of interest, so I've now added it as a permanent feature.

The list of books is currently short, only consisting of four recommended readings. This section will mostly be for links to books that I've already reviewed, but I've included two others that I plan to review in the future. As the number of book reviews on the site increases, the list should expand quite a bit. Here's the list as it stands so far:

i-3fa68b285a8d8d69ec4bf0a1561e1062-big coal cover.gif

My review


My review



Obviously, there are tons of good and relevant books out there, but to keep things manageable, I'll for the most part restrict the list to books reviewed on my blog.

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