Barack Obama swept all three Democratic contests yesterday, winning the popular vote convincingly in Louisiana (57-36), Washington (68-31), and Nebraska (68-32). In case there were still any doubts about his broad appeal, for the record that's a largely African-American Southern state (Louisiana), a white progressive West Coast state (Washington), and a white conservative red state (Nebraska). This means that Obama and Hillary Clinton are virtually tied in delegate counts, with Clinton holding a small advantage if preliminary superdelegate counts are included, and Obama holding a larger advantage if they're not.

Obama looks to do very well in the upcoming contests, and he'll need to maintain his momentum if he wants to do well on March 4th, when the big prizes of Texas and Ohio are at stake. Unlike the ill-fated and make-believe "Joementum" of 2004, Obamamentum (or should it be "Obamomentum"?) looks like the real deal. Besides, the Clinton campaign is starting to get a little stale.

On the Republican side, John McCain seems to be having a little trouble wrapping up the nomination. Even after his chief competitor Mitt Romney left the campaign for the vomitously lame cause of "party unity", Mike Huckabee continues to make a strong stand. Yesterday, Huckabee won handily in Kansas (60-24) and appears to have won a tight victory in Louisiana. McCain may have managed a small victory in Washington (with only about a quarter of the vote), but the results remain too close to call. Just to put this into context, Huckabee is the candidate whose most recent gag-worthy gem is "I didn't major in math. I majored in miracles, and I still believe in them." And, he'll definitely need one if he wants to be more than just a thorn in the side of John McCain.

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Obama's Dirty Tricks?

Dear Sisters and Brothers for Hillary,

Let me call to Hillary's attention to what is being said about her and Bill and Chelsea on one very nasty pro-Obama website I came across, www.matrix-evolutions.com. They are actually connecting up Bill's Monica tryst with parental sexual abuse on Chelsea if you can believe it! Whether it is better not paid attention to or countered, I don't know, but somebody who does know what the right response is should be made aware of this. The beginning of this website, which focuses on the election reads:

We are scientists who derive our politics from an evolutionary perspective, not from conservative ideology. Our analysis concludes that our so-called war on terror is slowly but surely taking us to World War III. Note Putin's 2/8/08 call for a renewed arms race to counter America's efforts to conquer the world. For that reason we support Barack Obama as the only real anti-war candidate, the only one who can keep such a nuclear tipped train wreck from happening.

As to Hillary Clinton, recall during their populist administration that President Bill and missus, while promising health care they never delivered, did deliver more police and prisons, and took our jail population to the highest per-capita level in the world. This statistic, ahem, is historically associated with hardened police states like Stalinist Russia and apartheid South Africa. We all know that spitting on the street nowadays will get you six months in jail. But of course we�re not a police state, because if we were, you'd have heard about it on the evening news.

The Clintons as president also made their upper class handlers happy by ending LBJs war on poverty, which brought about the vast population of homeless beggars we see on the streets of America today. Pearls for the wealthy, evictions for the rest of us. Don't laugh. It could happen to you. Wait until the recession, caused primarily by our trillion dollar War in Iraq, gets into high gear. Goodbye nest egg when the market totally collapses. Goodbye home thanks to the Shylock mortgage brokers in bed with the conservatives. Hello suffering on the street with your kids in a foster home.

Actually Hillary does have a few things she can be very proud of. She is a most talented actress, a profoundly adept social climber and a top paid shill of the upper class. She is our American Evita and almost everybody loves her style. But whatever her talents and personal accomplishments, she is not going to go against the wishes of the ruling clique who created her and Bill and stop their war.

Some think that Hillary would never lie to us. But Bill also insisted he would never lie to us and is so amazingly good an actor, almost as good as his wife, that we yet believe him even after the tape recording caught him with the cigar between Monica's legs. What character is there in a first family when the head of the most powerful nation on earth is sticking a penile object, not even his own, up some college kid's vagina? Does anybody think Hillary felt personally bad about the Monica thing other than not having her usual go with one of Bill�s girls? Watch the conservatives bring forth one of Hillary's lovers soon to clarify her tastes in this area. Indeed, one would not be surprised if the less than confident, slightly retarded, persona Chelsea Clinton was condemned to live her life with derives from her pervert parents abusing her when she was four years old. Certainly there is as much truth in this conjecture as in the equally outrageous conjecture that the Clintons are not good people even though they go to church every Sunday. If evil is badness that comes from an unexpected source, the Clintons are evil enough to have shit stuffed in their mouths and be set on fire. That's an opinion of their character, not a threat on their lives, for all you hate speech monitors out there.

Unfortunately, though, short of a revolution, we may be stuck with another Clinton figurehead presidency, for our evolutionary analysis shows clearly that while biological evolution is not of intelligent design, our presidential elections are. They are intelligently designed by the conservative ruling clique that has hold of our media and our courts, including our Supreme Court, which designed the last election outcome. Which all of you meekly accepted because the majority of Americans are basically passive cowards who lack the courage it takes to stand up to tyranny. The upper classes would never allow Obama to become president and stop the war. They would assassinate him first, literally have him shot like Martin Luther King, if the media they control can�t derail his candidacy in a more subtle way. We reach these outrageous conclusions, not from bipolar disease, but from a firm scientific analysis whose details follow after we have introduced ourselves.

I hope this information helps.
Onward to victory,
Martha Turner

By Martha Turner (not verified) on 11 Feb 2008 #permalink

I think you're exaggerating Huckabee's chances a bit. He could pull out some impressive victories, but McCain already has more than half the delegates he needs to win the nomination. It's a hell of a lot more of a sure thing that he'll be the Republican nominee than Obama will be the Democratic nominee at this point.

I don't think I was exaggerating anything, considering that I said Huckabee would need a miracle to be a real contender... unless, like Huckabee, you also "majored in miracles."

You support an organization which excluded Ron Paul from speaking. This in itself is against science at it's core.
Science is the search for truth. All science must include all circumstance. No ommission or fact or possible fact.
If by your own action you create an outcome then your science is flawed.
You know this!!!!!
So don't complain. You brought it on yourself. Let Dr. and I repeat DOCTOR Ron Paul speak. You may not agree with him, but science seeks truth and required all the facts to make a decision. Otherwise you live in belief and religion and not fact.
Look to your own for the problem and see your error of observation. You call yourself a scientist? hmmmmmmmmm
..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority to set brush fires in peoples minds.
Samuel Adams
With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. Abraham Lincoln
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell
The state cant give you free speech, and the state cant take it away. Youre born with it, like your eyes, like your ears. Freedom is something you assume, then you wait for someone to try to take it away. The degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free
Utah Phillips

Re RobJ

For Mr. Anthis' information, this noodlebrain has has been posting this identical comment on a number of blogs. Apparently, whackjob RobJ doesn't bother to even make a determination as to whether it has anything to do with the original post.