And the winner of the ScienceBlogs Pi Day Pie Bake-Off Is...

Over the two weeks leading up to Pi Day, ScienceBloggers prepared by baking their tastiest pies for the first ever ScienceBlogs Pi Day Pie Bake-Off. Their submissions ranged from traditional—like the Stemwedel family's end-of-winter fruit pie—to patriotic, quirky, and flat-out, albeit mouth-wateringly, bizarre. On Pi Day, we opened up the voting, and readers voted for for their favorite pies from the entries, based on both picture and recipe.

Which pie took the...pie? Despite Aussie John Wilkins allegation that "Americans do not understand what a pie is," (after witnessing the abundance of fruit- and custard-centric pies), an American had the last laugh: The winner of the Bake-Off by a hefty margin was Seattlite Dave Bacon's Spicy Bacon Pi Squared. Dave and his wife, who conceived the winning recipe, felt that the contest would be incomplete without bacon (naturally).


The winning pie recipe begins with the preparation of bacon brittle. And the final step? "Run fast to the kitchen to get it before others do because this pie is oh so delicious." Congratulations to the Bacons!


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The Bacons most certainly deserve their win. However, may I suggest that if there is another pie day contest next year that we get to have two separate votes: one for the best main course or appetizer pie, and one for best dessert pie.