Now, Never, or Next Year


Listen up, procrastinators—Coturnix reminds us on A Blog Around the Clock that we only have until the stroke of midnight to submit the best blog entries of the year to OpenLab 2009. He writes "we are looking for original poems, art, cartoons and comics" as well as essays. You can see which posts have already been nominated, and order previous years' editions. So start scrounging the archives! And while you're at it, head over to Effect Measure to learn about the inner workings of viruses from Revere. You can compare photomicrographs of the swine flu virus with highly detailed, colorful "cartoon" models of a virus, courtesy of the CDC. Then for more eye-catching images, see one of GrrlScientist's last photos of New York City on Living the Scientific Life (Scientist Interrupted), and take in a psychedelic poster of DNA transforming into life on Jessica Palmer's Bioephemera. Don't put it off, do it now! You will thank yourself later.

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