Sing a Song of Science: vote in the USA Science & Engineering Festival's "Science Idol" contest

Science IdolThis fall, more than 500 science and engineering organizations, thousands of scientists, and even more young people, will gather in Washington D.C. for a one-of-a-kind festival. The USA Science & Engineering Festival has made ScienceBlogs its blogging partner for the run up to the big event, and have been serving up a ton of cool stories, videos, and contests. The latest is Science Idol, where fans compete to have their song be the official jingle of the Festival. We're down to the final seven contestants, so head over to the USA Science & Engineering Festival blog to listen to them all and vote for your favorite.


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Thanks for posting this on your site! We are trying to get everyone to help us decide what jingle to pick and to get the word out about the Festival in general!

(ps...that last link is missing an 'l' on the end of the web address, so it is broken at the moment.)