Pigs and Chickens Eat More Seafood Than Japan

Believe it. Pigs and poultry gobble down 14 million tonnes of seafood (more than twice the amount the Japanese consume) every year because we feed it to them. Read my full post on the subject at The Gristmill.

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Saw an interesting program on TV about the operation of a Pollock factory trawler. They were bringing in huge numbers of pollock. I recall the figure of 100 tons per haul. They showed the 24/7 processing ovperation which is partially automated and partially handwork standing up for 15 hour shifts. No part of the fish leaves the ship except in a labeled container ready for the buyer: boxes of frozen fillets, boxes of ready to fry squares for McDonalds, Sacks of fish meal from the leavings, etc. These all add up to make a break even operation. The profit is in the ovaries, which were quick frozen and shipped to Japan in boxes. The ovaries sell for over $200/pound and are the profit to the operation.

This particular fishmeal is basically a byproduct, not the goal of the fishery. It struck me; however, given the value of the ovaries, that pollock fishing must focus on prespawning schools.

By Jim thomerson@… (not verified) on 27 Jun 2008 #permalink

Jennifer, maybe you can tie that work to this new study showing that increased regular feedings isn't necessarily good for pigs. Let the pigs forage throughout the day, and if they can figure out how to catch sardines more power to them. Otherwise, roots, apples and acorns.