And Still More Trouble for Tuna

Andrew Revkin has the disheartening news from the ICCAT meetings this week with insights from Carl Safina. Surprise, surprise. Tuna are still in trouble as ICCAT continues to set a quota much higher than what scientists recommend. Here is Safina's take on it all:

What's really needed is a moratorium for bluefin, and I first said that in 1991. That's the bluefin situation. I must say that based on their whole history I would have been astounded if I.C.C.A.T. had set an eastern quota that complied with the science. I'm ashamed of what they do, but no longer surprised.


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The behaviour of governments here is truly pathetic. Unfortunately, tuna doesn't seem to be a sufficiently high-profile issue for public pressure to come together.

As things stand, you have to wonder if there is any future for the species.

Hey ! Les plus gros mangeurs de poissons sont...: Les poissons ! Et s'il y a une espèce animale qui ne va pas disparaître ce sont bien les poissons, les poissons ont tout l'avenir dans l'élevage. Poissons nourris avec des céréales et des déchets animaliers.
Pour ce qui est des quotas de pêche, vu que la mer appartient a tout le monde, si un pays se retient de pêcher ce sera un autre qui prendra sa place (!), parce que personne ne peut empêcher un pays de se nourrir au nom de...

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