Couldn't be prouder

Yowza! Within four days of my announcement about the Donors Choose campaign, you guys donated enough to more than double Signout's fundraising goal. You've raised nearly 600 bucks, kids, and I couldn't be prouder!

Of course, don't let that keep you from telling your friends or checking out some of the other great projects you can help fund at I've added a few new ones, which you can check out here, or you can search their project database yourself by all sorts of variables.

Let me also take this opportunity to note how absurd it is that so many of our public schools are so effing under-funded that they require a huge volume of private donations to buy basic supplies. Try searching in the $100-$200 range at schools with high poverty levels, and you'll find needs that will shock you.

What the hell is happening to this country that schools can't even afford to buy kids pencils?


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Glad I found you here. Eli and I are going to start reading.

Keep on keepin' on... ;)

We always had to bring our own pencils when I was in school, but I can't understand why they don't have enough BOOKS.

I think people differ greatly on this issue. For example, if it were completely unidentifiable as my own, I would have no problem with a picture of my naked ass being posted on the Internet. Others would be absolutely horrified by the prospect.

Signout reader named Benjamin Langer, who himself has a very nice critical piece on intelligent design in the current edition of SCQ.