An Awesome Space Slideshow

Seed Magazine (which I've written for) has just put out a space slideshow: Traveling Through Time and Stars.

Michael Benson gives an account -- in words and pictures -- of a journey outwards, from nearby stars to nebulae to other galaxies to clusters of galaxies. The pictures alone are worth having a look at.

Beautiful? I don't know that that even begins to describe it, but it certainly helps give me a great perspective on what these different regions look like.

The idea of zooming out and looking at things on larger and larger scales really appeals to me. In fact, I think the slideshow fills in a lot of gaps for something like this video... (and if you're impatient, you may just want to start at the 3:30 mark or so)

In any case, enjoy the slideshow, enjoy the video, and I hope you enjoy the feeling of smallness that I feel when I look on these grand scales.

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I never feel small because it's all too big for me to imagine. I can't even imagine how big Jupiter is or how far away it is - to me, Jupiter is small.

By MadScientist (not verified) on 23 Oct 2009 #permalink

It makes me a bit sad when I think about how many people have no opportunities to - or no interest in- contemplating how vast and beautiful the universe actually is.
As for me, when I'm having a rough day, I usually picture the pull back from Earth in my mind. It definitely gives me perspective and a moment of joy, as well.