Weekend Diversion: Lasercut Science Goodness

"Welcome, new comers. The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you're gonna hear about it!" -Frank Costanza, Seinfeld

With the winter solstice and the end of the year approaching, the short days, long nights, and the annual holiday frenzy can be a great stressor. Take the time to remember the good things in life, including -- as Marvin Gaye might say -- all the people who matter most, including

Whether you're religious or not, this time of year is filled with lights, gifts, and decorations. And for those of you who simply adore science and scientists, have I found the holiday decorations for you.

All images courtesy of Eavesmade's Etsy Store.

Woodcut ornaments of all your favorite scientists! Astrophysicists are well-represented here, from Nicolaus Copernicus to Stephen Hawking, but so are biologists, horticulturalists, medical doctors, computer scientists and other science pioneers.

There's even a special collection of women scientists, from Ada Lovelace to one of my favorites, Valentina Tereshkova.

All told, there are a whopping twenty-eight of these ornaments to choose from; have a look and see if they have your favorites!

And for those of you -- like me -- who are inclined a bit more towards the "young Einstein" rather than the "old Einstein" found in the ornament collection, Eavesmade has another option for you.

Why settle for mere ornaments when you can have a figurative drink with your favorite scientists?

(It's not like we all have access to the IOP's beermats: not all of us live in Brighton!)

So for those of you looking for a more creative holiday gift this year, check out Eavesmade's store, and if you're interested in helping support individual craftsmen and women -- some of the very smallest businesses out there -- check out all of Etsy, one of my favorite places to find quality handcrafted goods of all varieties.

And have a great weekend!

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