Weekend Diversion: The Ultimate Fighter… of Stains? (Synopsis)

“You can clean your sword as much as you want but the blood still stains it.” -Matsuro

I can't count for you the number of shirts I've ruined through spills and other stains. Have a listen to José González's song,


while you consider what you'd do if you got a stain on your clothes. I'd run them through the wash, sometimes multiple times, and if that wouldn't get the stains out, that'd be the end of that article of clothing. Some of the worst culprits were fruit, grass, wine, oils, and -- of course -- blood.

But rather than resort to the dregs of the internet to try and sort the old wives' tales from the accurate information, Susan Taylor at the University of Illinois has put together a pretty amazing, if not quite comprehensive, list of how to get all sorts of stains out of carpet, washable fabrics and upholstery.

Go check out the whole amazing repository, and never lose a garment that could be saved to a stain again!

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