Messier Monday: An All-Season Cluster, M35 (Synopsis)

“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.” -Henri Matisse

But the surrounding fog might not come from our minds nor from our world, but rather from the plane of the galaxy itself. Nevertheless, the brightest clusters -- the ones placed serendipitously -- are clearly visible (and quite spectacular) from our vantage point here on Earth.

Image credit: Messier 35 by Jorge Garcia, via Image credit: Messier 35 by Jorge Garcia, via

One of my favorites, and one of the greatest views of a star cluster offered to skywatchers everywhere during practically the entire year, belongs to the highlight of today's Messier Monday.

Image credit: Kfir Simon / Tango33 of PBase, via Image credit: Kfir Simon / Tango33 of PBase, via

It's Messier 35, our final star cluster (and next to last object) from the entire Messier Catalogue!


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He got on board of a spacecraft. He saw the Universe.

“I purr in my realization of that which is absolute. I note, too, a dawning future and visualize humans coming upon the starships. I am able to clearly see that there will come a time when we will welcome you among us.

By the loving touch that is, I do embrace the universe of my birth. By the sparkling lights of the galaxy that is my home do I send my delight forth as a gift to you.” - Tashaba, Cat Human (Love Her) #tearful #beautiful

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