Weekend Diversion: 25th anniversary of Wendy's training music videos (Synopsis)

“If there are things you don’t like in the world you grew up in, make your own life different.” -Dave Thomas

That's great advice, and is the same advice that the iconic Grandmaster Flash not only pushed in his legendary song,

The Message,

but also lived. The music style he helped developed had a tremendous impact on the world, too. And not only the world of music, but -- for a brief golden age in the late 1980s -- the world of employee training videos.

Image credit: screenshot from Wendy’s Inc., 1989. Image credit: screenshot from Wendy’s Inc., 1989.

Because a standard, boring fast-food training video might not cut it in the fast-paced world of the late 80s, so let's bring in a magical rapping black man to teach you all the "grill skills" you need! And when you get it right, maybe he'll let you in on the secret handshake.

Image credit: screenshot from Wendy’s Inc., 1989. Image credit: screenshot from Wendy’s Inc., 1989.

Go read the full synopsis -- and watch all the Wendy's training videos -- here. Happy weekend!

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