Weekend Diversion: The Ultimate Science in your Science Fiction (Synopsis)

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” -Isaac Asimov

Yet it's that intersection -- of science with our day-to-day lives, our imaginations, our hopes, fears and dreams -- that's going to be the thing that drives us towards a scientifically literate future. Have a listen to Leonard Cohen’s dark, apocalyptic vision of it,

The Future.

But when I think of the future -- when I think of it optimistically -- I think of one where we trust what science tells us to the best of our confidence, and use technology, once we grapple with its moral implications, to build the best world we can.

Image credit: Adrian Mann. Image credit: Adrian Mann.

To that end, though, this requires some great willingness to fight with and explore these issues. How do we do this? Through science fiction, through scientifically plausible tales and stories that translate the scientific frontiers into human endeavors, frailties and ambiguous situations. It's how we weave our way through the void.

Images credit: Cullen Johnson and Carlin Stuart. Images credit: Cullen Johnson and Carlin Stuart.

And it's something I'll be helping with in some outstanding ways at this year's MidSouthCon 33! Don't miss it, and don't miss me there!


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From/in/of darkness the impossible, of lumination the high probable.
And all would start impossible, an made probable through it being 'illuminated'...
Light is restricted.
Darkness is not.

If they exceed the speed with their machine they can create time paradox.
Lots of staff un civis> men an women children to go with it... funny.. not.
Better hope it doesn't go missing, aye lads.

hes on a roll today.

Hi, Ethan.
Best wishes for the Con. A bit hard to get there in 3 days from here. I'll put it on the list of future activities. Could have been a lot of interest & fun, looking at the photo's.
Next time .....

One can really get philosophical on this subject of the universe. But I think it boils down to one point. The more our circle of knowledge grows, the larger the circumference of ignorance around it grows as well.

By Ruan de Witt (not verified) on 31 Mar 2015 #permalink