Is The Multiverse A Scientific Theory? (Synopsis)

“Our knowledge of physics only takes us back so far. Before this instant of cosmic time, all the laws of physics or chemistry are as evanescent as rings of smoke.” -Joe Silk

When people use the word theory colloquially, they use it to mean an "idea" or a "possibility" that could conceivably be at play. But a scientific theory has a much more stringent set of things it must accomplish: it must encompass all the successes of the previously leading theory, it must make successful predictions for phenomena that the leading theory cannot make, and it must predict additional, novel phenomena that can be either validated or refuted.

Image credit: NASA / STScI / A. Felid. Image credit: NASA / STScI / A. Felid.

So, is the Multiverse a scientific theory? It arises as a consequence of a scientific theory, but it fails on the grounds of making successful and novel predictions. While it might someday rise to the status of a scientific theory, it isn't there today.

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In order to be a scientific theory we should discover at least one piece of data rooted in the existence of a multiverse.

How about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics? Is there any science to that?

No, in order to find out whether it's possibly right we need one piece of data rooted in the existence of the multiverse. It could be a scientific theory AND WRONG, which would mean there IS NO piece of data to find that is rooted in the existence of a multiverse.

As to the MWI for QM, it's very different from the layman explanation and no more than reification of a model of consideration. Some posit that this reification of other worlds is real (mostly soft scifi authors trying to be hard scifi authors) but this is by no means the only one. Or even liable to be possible.

For example:

If I were to roll a d6, I have not rolled all six values and there's a world for each of them. There's the POTENTIAL for all six worlds, each one only differing by what the dice rolled. The potential existence of them are as real as the shroedinger wave equation solutions are for non-MWI QM, and they DO have an effect (see Lamb shift). Indeed in a quantum sense, interference is just such a "real enough to make a difference" probability, not actuality, causing real effects we can and have measured.

Note also that a multiverse doesn't have to mean MWI.

Branes. There is a reality at a higher plane, and when branes collide, the energy creates a universe at the impact point.

Inflationary pocket universes. This one single universe expanded and where a locality expanding faster than light creates a location isolated from some other location, that becomes a new universe. And this could be a random shuffling of the "laws of physics" so that each pocket universe has a different set of physical constants, and only those "fine tuned" to allow life get to last long enough to have life occur, each life wondering why it's so fine tuned (as a puddle finds the hollow it resides in is fine tuned to their shape).

There are others, but I know very little about them off the top of my head.

Oh, additionally, if we were to find a piece of data rooted in the existence of a mutiverse, we could be misinterpreting the data, or there could be another non-multiverse theory that explains that data and is correct.

Hence only "possibly correct".

"Branes. There is a REALITY at a higher plane, and when branes collide, the energy creates a universe at the impact point."

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By Ragtag Media (not verified) on 23 Jan 2016 #permalink

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My view is that MWI is something that is not really needed and it would just add much more complexity to QM, especially to efforts to reconcile QM with GR.
So Occam's Razor says it should be taken out.

Occam's Razor would also say let it in. If there are multiple ways to order things, then there's nothing to explain about the specific order.

The only addition is one proposition: there are multiple worlds. Not one proposition for each single world.

Otherwise Occam would have us throw away all the countable numbers, because each one is another extra assumption on the way to infinity.

"Occam’s Razor would also say let it in. If there are multiple ways to order things, then there’s nothing to explain about the specific order."

Only in a lunatics fringe view of "order".

Ask yourself, do you prefer the law and order of Western Civilization with all it's short comings
Or do you prefer 7th Century Islamic Style Or post Modern Dictator?

So Yes there is "something" to explain about specific orders.
Explain The Results Of This Order:…

By Ragtag Media (not verified) on 24 Jan 2016 #permalink

"Only in a lunatics fringe view of “order”. "

Not really. A *lunatic* version would be the proposition that an infintely complex entity existed without a need for explanation as a literal deus ex machina, with an extra dollop of insanity and ego tripping to the max that the "believer" can tell what this infinitely complex thing wants.

You know, your insanity, teabaggie.

"Ask yourself, do you prefer the law and order of Western Civilization with all it’s short comings
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