Back from holiday

i-b97d44ce303c9f7df2c3063135e48539-DSCN0670-widger-crop.JPG I've been on holiday, I don't know if you noticed. We came back via Bayeux and here I post a little-known pic from the famous tapestry (yes really). You are to imagine the nice ladies of the time happily needle-pointing away, although perhaps that isn't such a good image now I think of it.


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Can we get PZ Myers to explain how this four-testicled freak might have developed?

surely this is an image from "" -- showing the improper use & location of a temp gauge without a Stevenson screen etc.

By Carl Christensen (not verified) on 07 Aug 2007 #permalink

I imagine having four testicles would confer a Darwinian benefit in the fight to reproduce...

By SomeBeans (not verified) on 07 Aug 2007 #permalink