Corbynwatch: shhh!

James scores Piers for Feb (if you don't know who I'm talking about, well lucky you, err I mean wrt P not J, of course :-); but meanwhile, our nasty Free Press has been annoying nice Piers, leading him to say (thanks DM):

Media Policy

Weather Action forecasts are a commercial product and publication of any part of them in any media or on the web is not permitted except with the agreement of Weather Action. Owing to gross misrepresentation of our forecasts by the Guardian and more seriously and persistently by The Times (Paul Simons) and related gross distortions circulated on the web Weather Action has no alternative but to apply this policy firmly. Consequently:

1) Media or web users who wish to quote from the forecast must check what they have in mind with Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction and preferably use an issued summary form (below for this month [needless to say, the said summary doesn't exist - WMC]) which is written to give an accurate rendering of essential points without giving away the detail which subscribers have paid for.

2) The Guardian and the Times and any media which carries articles by Paul Simons are explicitly forbidden from quoting any aspect of any WeatherAction forecast until further notice.

Oh dear, next he'll be blacklisting James. Mind you, his own site leads with "Forecast errors in Jan and mid Feb..." so I guess even Piers has realised he couldn't sell them as successes. He also needs to update his "latest news" section, which is attempting to sell forecasts for April 2007 :-). Is Piers taking the piss out of himself?

I never made the first team, I just made the first team laugh

I can take the killing, I can take the slaughter, but I don't talk to Sun reporters


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Perhaps, it's the astrophysicist in him: Piers' head just doesn't have the capacity to remain in the troposphere.

His head is not even in the clouds, one might say.

Just remember there's two sides to every story.